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How to Do a Many Things

How to do things!!! I am always fascinating by discovering how things are done and then creating formulas for myself and others to use. When I heard someone say "I couldn't do that" I spring into action because I realise I can teach this person within 30 minutes. The knowledge in me must continue. I find the process of things very simple when I have learned them. I feel like there must be more easy ways to learn things. A person who has learned a language (you) can explain things more simply than a book. Because the rules the books teach and how we use them in everyday life and consciousness are not the same. They can be though.

With nlp you can model others behaviour in specific detail and so this is a something worth exploring. My fast explanations and formulas are usually in everyday quickly understandable language. I also like a new system I use wth great success. Become aware of all your knowledge, techniques and abilities. Consider that if you don't know something it is a gap in your powerful system. This gap can be filled with what you already know. The skills on either side of the gap can be combined to make some of the new skill. Or a previous successful experience can be referenced. For example you suddenly want to learn Negotiating. What 2 skills could combine to make this new skill? Also get books, audios and maybe courses about your newest skill. Fill that gap! You probably need/want this skill because someone else has it. So re-run the experiences you had with those people and imagine doing things differently. Why were those people sucessful? If the best things they did could become techniques for you to use, what would they be called.

You may find yourself being surprised how quickly you can learn things. So don't enjoy this page too much and find yourself using these skills and recommending the website in the coming days and months

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How to dress

I learned how to dress to a good standard from my friend at college. His parents helped him dress every morning but his female parent gave him dress sense from a woman's perspective. Generally I think women have good ideas of how to dress since they spend all day plotting how to attract the men without looking like a slut. Sorry for being honest (rs). In those conditions I think anyone would be a great dresser. So, here are the formulas I learned from him and other things i've learned during my fun years.


A black shirt. I have so many compliments in my life for wearing a black shirt: from friends, family and lovers. More girls staring at me is good too.

Beige with Black. Beige trousers with a black shirt or black trousers with a beige shirt. This combination looks very smart, you can wear charity shop clothes and still look amazing with this combination. To look even better, wear black trainers/shoes with a black shirt and beige/suede footwear with a beige shirt.

Ripped trousers. Some girl gave me a makeover when I was 18 and she recommended ripped trousers. In fact she has consistently shown excellent style whenever I see her. Every girl has a fun side waiting to explode and this one with 3 degrees used to cut a hole just under her bum, which was difficult not to look at. Girls know how to attract. They study "How to be a magnet" part 2 quite alot. If you think about how a girl wearing revealing clothes gets our attention then this could be why ripped clothes are good. Or or may be because they make us look like tough dudes ready for anything which girls find attractive (apparantly). This particular women likes ripped trousers/jeans and since then I hear that they like the bottoms of trousers ripped. This is purely from a sexy perspective, women find this sexy. They could have told you those trousers look cheaper but women lie 90% of the time to keep themselves safe. What would other people think is a little girls/womens number one priority and not what they find sexy. So, do you want to f*#K women or be their friend is the question.

Your shirt can match your eyesEver noticed a girls eye colour and become fascinated with this. Well, if your shirt is the same colour as your eyes women see your eye colour immediately and they become fascinating with you. Good isn't it. Parents may have been stupid and because of Nature they automatically helped you a bit. What i'm saying is my parent always bought me light blue shirts (my eye colour) and white shirts. Years later some girl said she didn't, like my shirt, so I said "what colour should i wear then?" She says White, hmmmm, so i make a pattern, I must look good in white. I prefer Blue of course. If you have green eyes wear a green shirt and brown eyes (my favourite) wear a brown shirt. SORTED

OK Girls

Curly hair. This is about style and hair comes into it. Curly hair is attractive. I've checked this with male friends. Blond or Black curly hair is a bit more attractive than straight hair. So if your hair is naturally curly you lucky person. If you have the money to do some of a perm then go for it. Advice from a guy checked by other guys > F*#k womens magazines.

Grey trousers. I have no idea why I find this attractive and it might be me and noone else. It may be because generally dumb girls where tracksuit bottoms and quite intelligent girls work in offices. I'm not sure.

Note for girls > From a good looking guy. Most of the stuff women use to attract men is crap. There, I said it. I talk with my late 40s, very attractive (because of how she styles), friend and she said stuff about a simple girl who f*#ks alot "guys probably like her because she's easy". I explain from a Mans point of view, she makes sense. Men are confused when they decide "I like this girl, she has alot of good qualities". This leads to feelings like "I want her now". And her BullS*#t as I still call it, made us hate the woman. She lied, wished our time and we liked her. Then the simple s**t girl comes along. She doesn't liw about her feelings and she makes sense. So we f**k her because we are men and its what we do. I'm here because my father was confused by the same game. And I feel sorry for my idiot father. I had to grow up with the most evil person outside the world because he didn't understand confused women. So that the human race becomes better can WOMEN STOP LYING, NOW (thanks).

For example, when I was younger my sisters spent 4 hours preparing themselves to be as alluring as possible. And they looked so much less attractive when they finished. Of course I use this to compliment the beautiful 38 year old in front of me "you spent 4 hours to look, like this. You should just dress like that (point to 38girl) and all the men will want you. This is true and makes the women want me too. She has glitter above her eyes (good), Knee length boots (automatically sexy) and a glittery top. I think she wears make+up and it looks natural. Like she always looks this good, don't you. Find what works and keep doing it, ok, k.