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English GCSE

I did the English GCSE not that long ago. Primarily because I fancied the teacher. How lucky for you people reading this (are you aliens?) that this motivation was in place. Due to me already completing this course years ago, doing A-Levels and having other courses at the time; I got an A grade with minimal effort. & I did no work whilst in the class unless you count staring as work. Thus, with my unique perspective (hee hee) on the rump of the issue; I can present to you the simple guide to getting an A.

There are lot's of different English courses, coursework & exams that make up this 1 English GCSE thing. Your course will be almost the same or identical to this explanation so listen up:

  • 40% of the course is coursework & 60% is the exam.
  • Coursework
  • Includes Speaking & Listening (20%) plus Reading & Writing (20%)
  • Speaking & Listening
  • Includes Drama-Focused Activity (act), Group Discussion (talk) & an Individual Extended Contribution (presentation)
  • Reading & Writing
  • Includes Personal & Imaginative Writing plus Response to Media Texts as well as Work Based on a Play by Shakespere.
Yes, the English GCSE is a bunch of complicated poop. & yes I am going to simplify it. If you are thinking about doing an English course then take the Barnes Institute equivalent of this which is far more simple & you will learn more ESOL & Literacy.

My snazzy plan to make you pass this course is for you to use my work and the work of others. Oh no, isn't that against the sacred law of Geneva. I once asked my history teacher at school "if i'm looking stuff up in a book & writing in my own words how can it be my work". He told me that by doing this I was showing that I understood the subject/questions. He's one of the best teachers i've had & so I respect this opinion. This teacher was responsible for a number of memorable of comments & acts throughout school. Telling the class that the principal was a liar one day was cool, but the best one was in school assembly. He walked up in front of the school & said "she's a slag!". "Well how do you know that" he asked the male student who apparantly said it. "Because she is!" he stated. Bloomfield (the teacher) certainly got our half asleep attention that day.

Another day he walked up with a glass of water and asked "who wants to drink this?" Some guy walked up the front had a few sips & was asked "how does it taste?" "It tastes fine" the kid said wondering what's the deal here. Bloomfield smiling says "it's just that I heard on the news yestaday that they are putting sewage into the water". The kid walks off stage and that was that. On the news the day before the water companies had said they were putting 1% recycled sewage into the water. Bloomfield presented this news slighty differently.

Anyway, I often make use of pre-made work to improve my own work. For example on this course I couldn't be bothered with Macbeth (the scottish play) as it had bored me senseless in the past & it's in 500 year old language. Why people's English is judged by Shakespere is beyond me. So I'd heard on the news about kids downloading essays from the Internet & thought i'd give it a go. I found one that matched the question set by the teacher & wrote the whole thing in my own words. I made it longer & used lots of fancy long words. The importance of long words is something for you to remember. With some people, say every long word you can and their faces light up plus they like you alot more. Test it out. I decided to use this approach as one of the big things for getting a high grade is using quotes from the play. I would have had to read the book throughly to be able to quote it, so I thought bugger that.

Also I grabbed some more quotes from English revision guides. I found places to fit them in there. The other teacher who drunk far too much tea or morphine (she was mental) says that I have good understanding of the play. Very funny, as the main teacher standing there knew what i'd done. Also, when you write in your own words how the pineapple can anyone prove it? If you change it enough it will be alot better than the original work & contain your own input. I compared the play to a Pink Floyd song so that it really looked like my work. Make things easy for yourself.

My Coursework

The work I did for the course is all available here. I suggest you download & look at it as a guide of how to get an A-grade. If you want to you can write it in your own words & get an A-grade. Nah, you wouldn't be interested =)

How Important are the Witches Web Pages Comparison
Health & Safety - presentation Synopsis - final version
Screenplay - final version Self-Evaluation of Screenplay

The Synopsis, Screenplay & Evaluation were from the Film Studies A-Level I did & got an A grade for that course. So I decided to use them. I handed them in together & I recommend you do the same if you use them. I used them for the Response to Media Texts section.

The Exams (the fun bit)

For this I just looked at a past paper to see what type of questions were going to be on it. However, I had already taken the level 3 Communication key skills test; which is very similar but has a shorter time limit (30 minutes less). So if that test is available then make use of it as preparation. if you want to be extremely prepared then get some past papers (3 is a nice number) & fill them in. You can just complete them or check them against the answer papers as well. I did this with my Engineering GCSE course. I downloaded & printed 4 sample/past papers and proceeded to fill them all in using my text books. I remember being a student & I find methods like this are very effective for learning your subject. Then any answers I couldn't find I asked the teacher for; thus covering almost every possibility. I then kept reading the exam papers at any time I was bored e.g. the train or bus. Be prepared for your exam & do in the way that's best for you.

At the Edexcel website they have specimen papers with the answers included or past exam papers. I suggest you use a specimen & a past paper as to be prepared for your exam. Click here for the web page Edexcel English GCSE.

We support this course with extra lessons and print you a certificate irrelevent of your result with the English GCSE. Our tutors are flexible and can teach anywhere. However, we don't teach in the middle of the road as that is dangerous and exiciting. If there is a local place suitable for both of us then you can have lessons there. We have found that as well as people's homes; cafes and libraries are also useful for learning.
Lessons cost 15 an hour.
Call the usual phone number now 07963960499
and then email

When you complete the course you will receive the Certificate of Advanced Genius. Produced by our Director and double the quality of traditional certificates; we suggest that you frame it and take pride in your continual achievements.