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English Courses

The Barnes Institute provides many English courses including ESOL, Literacy and 7 Day English (Learn English in 7 days). We also prepare you for the Cambridge FCE, IELTS and Life in the UK tests. When you finish one of our courses you will receive a Certificate of Advanced Genius: Native Speaker of English.

We can make our courses specific for you. For example if you have to be prepared for a university or job interview we can give you lessons for this and go with you to the interview for support. We can come to where you work and teach you English for your every day things.

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The New and Best: Barnes Method English Books available to view and download here:

Barnes Method English Group > Free Books Gratis Livros

Professor de Ingles Native English Teacher Group > Learn English

(Click "I Like this" and "Add to favourites" when you like a book because then I will write more free English books).

Barnes Method English

NEW: Barnes Method English @ 2nd Edition

The 1st Edition guide book is available here: Barnes Method English

1. Learn Pronunciation from a native speaker. Your country has specific sounds and so does English. Learn the equivalents in your language e.g. tch in Portuguese is ch in English. Learn the new sounds aswell. Germans say V for V and W. Push your lips out and say Water.

2. Learn all the words which are similar to your Language. This technique was originally suggested by Dr Bruno Furst. There are often many patterns between the languages. http://barnesinstitute. has some collections available for free. By learning, this way you can pronounce and write in a similar way to your language and your memory will increase.

3. Learn in opposites. For every word there is an opposite. When you learn one word, learn the opposite at the same time. It is possible to communicate with one word in every language. Coffee! Coffee? Coffee. Coffee and. Coffee with. Coffee!? Tea is the opposite of Coffee or no coffee. More literal opposites include Up/Down, Left/Right A.G. Hawke is certified in 7 languages and uses this technique. This technique will improve your Memory and Understanding.

4. Learn the Prepositions correctly. Prepositions do Not translate with a dictionary. They are Kinaesthetic. They are feelings. Russians imagined standing On the road and they say “I'm on the street”. English imagine the street as a box with the buildings on both sides and the road below so “I'm in the street”. Practise them in patterns and be the 2nd person to use prepositions correctly (I am the 1st)

5. Learn Verbs and Nouns in Example Sentences. English people have no idea what a phrasal verb is or the present past continuous backwards forwards lemon and lime form of a word. Computers and robots talk like that. Instead Learn Verbs and Nouns. This is how English people learn at school. Practise speaking with a native speaker using the verbs/nouns and add the Prepositions you have already learned.

6. Speaking. Talk, talk, talk and talk some more. Your Professor should correct you continuously until you speak correctly. You will speak perfect English today! is the attitude of an awesome teacher. If the student has very basic English then Flash Cards with both languages on are excellent and give the student a real sense of progress.

7. Children's books. An extra great thing for students also is to have a children's grammar book for homework. Children's grammar books are so simple even a child could use them. There is a list of 10 pronunciation patterns which are all similar so when the student understands they will find it very easy to remember. A children's picture dictionary is also a brilliant thing. They have the pictures and 3 patterns of sentences with synonyms. These also make a class easier to teach.

8. Computer Programs Through learning Portuguese I have discovered a large number of excellent language learning programs. In some ways they are better than teachers and I think you should use computer programs together with a teacher to double your learning. Learn new words and patterns with the computer and test them with a teacher. Rosetta Stone is brilliant for learning patterns, pronunciation and uses pictures to make you remember even more. Before You Know It gives you perfect memory of phrases and words with the pronunciation emphasised. You can slow the voices to half speed to really focus your pronunciation and I have remembered phrases 14 days after I learned them. FSI is the most comprehensive course I have ever taken, unfortunately its not available for learning English. Fast free translators and dictionaries such as Wordweb and Freelang are excellent additions to your studies. To book your £10 an hour Barnes Method English Classes Call 07963960499 or email

ESOL & Literacy

One of the things you are going to love about us is our ESOL (english for speakers of other languages) & Literacy courses. These 2 courses have levels ranging from Entry 1 to Level 2 (E1, E2, E3, L1 & L2) and are very good for learning the english language. Our tutors are flexible and can teach anywhere. However, we don't teach in the middle of the road as that is dangerous and exiciting. If there is a local place suitable for both of us then you can have lessons there. We have found that as well as people's homes; cafes and libraries are also useful for learning.
Lessons cost £10 an hour.
Call the usual phone number now 07963960499
and then email

When you complete the course you will receive the Certificate of Advanced Genius. Produced by our Director and double the quality of traditional certificates; we suggest that you frame it and take pride in your continual achievements.

There have been a number of worksheets produced by us for our students. Our attitude is to do things and then see what you really need when you phone us for lessons. Now, these worksheets can help you in learning/perfecting your English. So download them, print them and have fun =)

All of the English papers can be downloaded as a single pdf book from scribd

Barnes Method English @ Fun Papers (printed book) £5.44

Pronunciation & Spelling.doc Grammatical & Everyday.doc
English Tonality.doc What have you been doing - greetings.doc
Bundle Story.doc Useful TV Programmes.doc
Telling the Time.doc The Basic of Communication
Useful TV Programmes What have you been doing - greetings
Th practise Telling the Time
Syllables Student Plan
Spelling Strategy Pronunciation & spelling
Portugues English Converison People's Countries
Patterns 1 - otimo Opposites
Openers Numbers
Multiple choice tests: e.g.
Cambridge & Life in the UK
Meta Model & Affirm Ex
Life in the UK Japaneasy - Japanese Pronunciation
I don't know, yet Grammatical & Everyday
English Tonality Contractions & Countries
Bundle & Cricket Story Adjustments: excelente
Native Meaning System Miki English: how to translate effectively
Prepositions: Put in your Pocket Patterns 2 new
Say Tell Speak Talk Skills for Life @ rules & tools.doc
Speaking Exams Testimonial form @ How much do you like your classes
Word Spectra Writing
Writing Competition

PS: To open these documents you can use Adobe Reader or my favourite
Foxit Reader. Some of the documents, you can open with Open Office which is available through the Downloads & Links page on the left hand side of the screen.

If there are any areas we can make a funsheet to help explain, then contact us with the details. A college is nothing without its students. So you decide what we do.

All of the English papers can be downloaded as a single pdf book here
Barnes Method English @ Fun Papers Best of

or from scribd at

7 Day English

Struggled with your English, no more. This 7 day intensive course will have you speaking like a native speaker rapidly. You will learn English in real life situations e.g. cafe, bank, pub, work, street, bus, train, job/university interviews, libraries, shops and anywhere extra you want. The investment is £100 to improve your future and feel good for the rest of your life. Free with this course: Handouts, Coursebook, Certificate, Email and Phone Support (24 hours). /font>

Cambridge and IELTS

Speaking Exams

How important is...?
= The level of importance
e.g. Its not very important or Its very important (because)

Should traffic be controlled more strictly?
Presupposition: it is already controlled
and so talk about how it is already controlled with an example
e.g. the congestion charge in London

If you made a mistake in an exam then stop and correct yourself. If you, correct yourself after a mistake, then you will get full marks. Because native speakers also made mistakes in that way and usually they correct themselves.

Answer every question with 2 sentences. This is easy to do if you repeat the question in the answer
e.g. Can you remember the best teacher you ever had? For example my Film Studies teacher was funny, honest and efficient. Every student passes the exam.
Answer: Yes I can remember the best teacher I ever had...

Now, with me, you can see how simple the 1st sentence is. Reword the question and use the same type of word in your answer.

If the question was:
How long have you lived here?
The answer is:
I have lived here for...

To add your second sentence you can use: Because... then give a reason
Because and as have the same meaning.
I love chocolate as its full of energy.

Examiners are listening for you to use different words thus showing them your range of vocabulary.
Use because and as equally. If you have said because 3 times then use as for the next few questions. My History teacher was great because he was serious, funny, intelligent and he gets results.

Because is also a trigger for you. When you say because you automatically think of one reason.

Now, advancing students can also use due to.
e.g. I buy people drinks due to several times when we have become strong friends because of this polite gesture.

Cambridge and IELTS classes are available for a short time only. They are currently £11 an hour and this price will increase in 2009. Phone 07963960499 or Email to book your classes

Dictionaries & Devices

There are various internet sites and computer programs which can help you in your quest to use English perfectly. Below, you can find links to these. Some are language specific as in Word Reference which only deals with a couple of languages but does so effectively. Some can teach you a language whilst others support you with your fluent language. Check them out. Frreeeeelang (love that word) is a portable dictionary program that can translate every language in the world. Probably. I personally use it for Portugues. Download your language's word list and get going. Words Galore is a full featured Spanish/English learning aid. It features comprehensive dictionaries, sound files, MP3 creation, interactive tests, flash cards and other stuff. This is the number 1 program for learning Espanol or Ingles. has a very good Translator that can convert many languages accurately. Use it, it is good. Word Reference can be addictive. Beware. It is useful for many language like purposes and can be recommended for its forums where people from around the world discuss language stuff. is a valuable resource for those learning English. The site contains lots of sound files teaching you in an excellent manner. I recommend listening to all of the website as a part of whichever English course you are currently doing. Wordweb. Computer dictionary program. Allows you check the meaning of any words you don't understand when using the computer. It is also faster than a paper dictionary. I highly recommend this program and have it on both of my computers. Includes up to date & relevant words.

I also recommend using regular sources such as magazines, TV, DVD, radio, music & friends to learn a language. These are the fastest and most enjoyable methods and so make use of them.

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