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ESOL & Literacy

One of the courses we do have is English in the form of ESOL (english for speakers of other languages) & Literacy. These 2 courses have levels ranging from Entry 1 to Level 2 (E1, E2, E3, L1 & L2) and are very good for learning the english language. Our tutors are flexible and can teach anywhere. However, we don't teach in the middle of the road as that is dangerous and exiciting. If there is a local place suitable for both of us then you can have lessons there. We have found that as well as people's homes; cafes and libraries are also useful for learning.
Lessons cost 15 an hour.
Call the usual phone number now 07963960499
and then email

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When you complete the course you will receive the Certificate of Advanced Genius. Produced by our Director and double the quality of traditional certificates; we suggest that you frame it and take pride in your continual achievements.

There have been a number of worksheets produced by us for our students. Our attitude is to do things and then see what is really needed. These worksheets should help you in learning/perfecting your English. So download them, print them and have fun =)

Pronunciation & Spelling Grammatical & Everyday
English Tonality What have you been doing - greetings
Bundle Story Useful TV Programmes
Telling the Time

If there are any areas we could make a worksheet to help explain, then contact us with the details. A college is nothing without its students. So you decide what we do.

Dictionaries & Devices

There are various internet sites and computer programs which can help you in your quest to use English perfectly. Below, you can find links to these. Some are language specific as in Word Reference which only deals with a couple of languages but does so effectively. Some can teach you a language whilst others support you with your fluent language. Check them out. Frreeeeelang (love that word) is a portable dictionary program that can translate every language in the world. Probably. I personally use it for Portugues. Download your language's word list and get going. Words Galore is a full featured Spanish/English learning aid. It features comprehensive dictionaries, sound files, MP3 creation, interactive tests, flash cards and other stuff. This is the number 1 program for learning Espanol or Ingles. has a very good Translator that can convert many languages accurately. Use it, it is good. Word Reference can be addictive. Beware. It is useful for many language like purposes and can be recommended for its forums where people from around the world discuss language stuff. is a valuable resource for those learning English. The site contains lots of sound files teaching you in an excellent manner. I recommend listening to all of the website as a part of whichever English course you are currently doing. Wordweb. Computer dictionary program. Allows you check the meaning of any words you don't understand when using the computer. It is also faster than a paper dictionary. I highly recommend this program and have it on both of my computers. Includes up to date & relevant words.

I also recommend using regular sources such as magazines, TV, DVD, radio, music & friends to learn a language. These are the fastest and most enjoyable methods and so make use of them.

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