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There are many computer programs which can enhance your learning beyond past limitations. For example I am currently learning the guitar for the 2nd time. I have far better learning strategies this time and so I can play around 10 songs after only 2 months as opposed to 2 songs in 6 months from last time. The computer program G3C has been incredibly useful/helpful. Hundreds if not thousands of chords can be displayed within seconds, the sound played, chords can be combined then played, it has a drum machine and a tuner. It is also free.

I also constantly use the offline dictionary WordWeb to check my spelling and understanding of words. It has become an important part of my work. For example I am spell checking this web site using it, as it is the easiest & best way to do so.

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Below are links to useful programs with a description of their use next to them. Some of the programs such as Open Office and Foxit Reader are essential for opening the files downloadable from other pages. If you don't have Microsoft Office then Open Office will open those files for you. G3C guitar chords learning program.
Learning the guitar. Use this. Wordweb. Do you write with your computer or read with your computer. Probably both, so you need this dictionary & thesauraus program. Includes up to date & relevant words. Open Office is basically the same as the one you use but superior in every way. & of course, free as a bird (in a cage). Foxit Reader is the ultimate free pdf reader. It has all of the features available in programs costing hundreds of pounds. So why risk it. Download today and read all your favourite books. AVG AntiVirus. The best anti-virus program is also free. Get it and update as and when you need to Free Exam is a program designed to allow you to make your own interactive exams easily and consistantly. If you are a teacher you could create a practise exam for the whole class to take and start a learning competition. Or you can teach yourself something cool. Art Rage allows you to have your paint brush set and paint without all the mess. Get your kids painting this way. Cheap, fun and art-tastic. Alleycode is the HTML editor I used to make this website. Using this program is a great way of learning HTML as there are various buttons and lists that make the job easy. When you have made lots of pages the easy way you suddenly remember the actual code, as you have been looking at it the whole time. Using the code becomes quicker than the buttons. Thus, you learn/know how to make pages without it. Real Player is a sound & video player that is great as a backup for Windows Media Player. The Windows version cannot always play files correctly and in this situation Real Player will save the day. Both programs occasionally don't play things and by having both you can play anything. TypingMaster Typing Test is a free, full-featured typing tester for Windows. Play games, improve your speed and print yourself out typing certificates.