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Cool Courses

At the Barnes Institute we would love to run every possible type of course. Unfortunately, due to funding restrictions we can't... yet. So until we do there are good teachers out there; thus there are also some good courses. On this page we are recommending courses which we have personally tested and found to be excellent or our students emailed us because they are so great. Courses that fall into these categories (stand up) will be awarded the Barnes Seal of Approval. A snazzy award if ever there is one. These teachers and their courses will also be awarded/sent a certificate so that future students can understand the quality of the course. Therefore, you (the viewer) are directly affecting the colleges in your local area. Do yourself proud.

Great Courses

Film Studies

Probably the best course i've done is the Film Studies A-Level at Havering College run by Toby Marshall. This course introduces you to finding more meaning in your films as well as all media products. Video is almost always created with an intention. Film is made to convey meaning. After this course you will see things in film you didn't before and have an extra layer to your thinking. You will learn a huge amount of interesting things about history, philosophy, politics and of course by able to make your own films. After doing this course your further learning can be made by watching films. As you are going to see good & bad techniques in good & bad films. Through watching a wider variety of films you will develop rules for your own filmmaking and storytelling. You can use the scriptwriting techniques from this course to write a play or the storyboarding methods to perfect animations.

The details for the course can be found be clicking this link: Film Studies