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Brasilian & Portugues

The Brasilian and Portugues community in central London is a large vibrant bunch of people. Who contribute much to the dullness of England with their straight foward approach to life. England has the finest clouds in the world but they never dampen the spirits of these exciting and permenantly happy people. Let the debate continue over Brasil & Portugal and how different the 2 versions of the language are. Then let's all relax and have a big party. This page has information and links for both sets of people that can help your stay here, become even more wonderful. New in London? Then the guardian angel of brasilians is here for you.
Darlene has all the answers. The best website in the world.
Even better than mine. Go there now Free adverts aimed at the Brasilian community in London. Help with visas, translations, self employment registration, work permit and lots of other stuff for Brasilians. Netpaginas is the electronic version of Páginas Portuguesas Telephone Directory pages. Páginas Portuguesas is a useful guide for Portugues people in London. Keep up to date with the weekly news. Freeeeeeeeee/Gratisssssssssss Much help for brasilians. Change your brasilian diploma into an english validated one. Then get great jobs
Other places of note, include the Eden cafe next to Dagenham Heathway station which is Portugues owned. BrasilbyKilo is next to Tottenham Court Road tube station and has great cooked food, money transfer and technology products.