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Barnes Teaching Specialists

Teaching has been in decline for some time now. Teachers are forced to waste at least 3 years of their lives doing courses that are both irrelevant to learning and damaging due to poor techniques taught. Some people use teaching merely as a career without a care for their students or the previously respected profession. The degree system creates these people. They can't get a job anywhere else and so they go into teaching. The one's who really love teaching can't because of the system. "Take a course for 3 years until you are tired of the idea" some gutless tart says somewhere.

This is going to change

& you can be a part of it. This page is dedicated to authorising and certifying the next generation of Barnes Teaching Specialists. We have a structured course firmly in place and a screening scheme designed to revolutionise & revitalise this area.

Join The Elite

To arrange this course (Barnes Teaching Specialist) for yourself privately or for your company phone 07963960499 or email Intensive courses and certification are available for 50 per person. We can teach this course for individuals, several people or as a seminar for a large group. Company discounts are available and so ring to confirm the details.

Learn Now

These teachers are already qualified with the Institute and have experience of teaching. Contact them for specific details:

Portuguese Language Teacher

The most beautiful girl I have ever seen is also the best teacher since this Institute was founded. Her straight to the point teaching, emotional learning methods and willingness to consistently improve makes her a force to be reckoned with. She currently teaches her native language, however due not only to her genius but also her true genius; she has been given permission to teach any subject she feels comfortable with.

Roberta Barnes Teaching Specialist Certificate

Roberta is available for msn and skype lessons.

Email and Instant Message her Now:

Italian Language Teacher

One of the co-founders of the Barnes Institute is finally (through various requests) teaching his native language. Marco is filled with a sense of fun that he passes onto his students allowing them to learn faster. He can teach his own course or guarantee a better quality of learning from your current course. Supported courses include GCSE Italian and A-Level Italian.

Email Now: or

CAD Teaching Specialist

The 1st person to receive the Architecture and Design Expert (ADE) certificate is now teaching (oh yeah). Are you too busy working and want a change of career/job. CAD skills are highly sought after within many industries including building and engineering. The railway sector is especially understaffed and wants you to fill those positions.

To reserve your place contact Joao now:






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